The best way to become familiar with the traditional historicist approach, with which most Christians are generally unfamiliar, is to read a complete Dan-Rev study within this traditional context presented as a brick by brick empirical argument in "The False Prophet" by Ellis Skolfield. For over thirty years, eighty-five year old brother Ellis has been writing about Muhammad as the false prophet, and Islam as the final foe of God's people.

Hard copies are available at brother Ellis site at:

Also an updated version "Islam in the End Times"

An HTML version with links to each page is available at

PDFs in several languages are also available:
Ellis Skolfield's Dan-Rev Study (URL)

For more in depth answers to questions that may arise, or if you should become called to present this very important subject to others, there is an extensively illustrated study guide that is ideal for wall projection. It contains a lot of images so it is a pretty big file and will take a little while to download:

Updated 2014 Study Guide in one 25MB file

Study Guide divided into 5 parts:  SG p1, SG p2, SG p3, SG p4, SG p5
Tracts (URL)

We will continue to produce tracts of the content of this site, just as we have for the companion sites.

Print, rotate, print on back, then Z-fold in two directions for shirt pocket fit.

Tract c17 "Christian Eschatology" to introduce others to the four approaches to eschatology.
Tract c18 "Futurism VS the Gospel"
Tract c19 "The Beast"
Tract c20 "The Church Tradition of Historicism"

Many more tracts are available on our companion sites. There are repeats of the same tracts from site to site, but with the website credited at the end of the tract, generally being specific to the site on which it is found.

For those that become burdened for Muslims at we have some tracts for introducing them to the Gospel and referring them to that website:

At tracts for introducing another view of individual eschatological subjects as well as to introduce the church to Islam in bible prophecy within the context that the reformers might have seen things if they were around today. is a more hard hitting site dedicated to exposing the truth about Islam, as revealed through Islam's own books and in light of the scriptures. highlights the absence of any history of Mecca whatsoever, before around the 4th century AD, even though Muhammad's followers are taught through 7th to 10th century Islamic so-called "tradition" that the kaaba that they prostrate themselves toward five times a day, was built by Adam and rebuilt by Abraham!

At more dedicated to that subject, with many of the same tracts.

Several YouTube channels include:

Brother Ellis' video series:

IslamExplored focuses more on the history of Islam and Islamic "tradition":

PeteWaldo focuses more on Christian subjects and eschatology

BrotherJW more on Islam